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'Ode to the CLC' Ceramic Trench Shell

'Ode to the CLC' Ceramic Trench Shell


A hand-painted ceramic munition shell exploring the perception of Chinese labour and its history. Inspired by trench art, these weapons were sorted and collected by the recruits as part of their employment by the British and French armies. Although the munitions shells would have carried highly deadly explosives (many of which exploded and killed the labourers), the long periods in between fighting allowed the men to engage themselves creatively and possibly, even for the briefest period of time, escape the brutality and destructive chaos of war. They were engraved with dragons, flowers, traditional patterns and Chinese characters, exhibiting high levels of skill and artistry.


My shell is painted with the iconic five-clawed dragon and incorporates the golden cap badge of the CLC. 


The sculpture is ceramic and is intended for display purposes only.

 **Please note this is a commission, I will endeavor to complete the order within one month**


Delivery to UK only. Free P&P.  

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