KQ Huang is a British-Chinese artist based in London. Born in Birmingham, he is interested in exploring the labour and heritage of the Chinese diaspora. His work incorporates traditional forms of Chinese culture such as calligraphy and opera to explore history and representation, advocating for greater engagement with diasporic communities and their stories. Motivated by the possibilities of working in the space between two cultures, he seeks to challenge perceptions of identity and authenticity. His work has been exhibited at the Fitzrovia Gallery, London and at the Royal Academy of Arts. He can be found on Instagram @kqhuangart

Huang holds a BA in History from Durham University and an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London where he specialised in transatlantic visual culture, representations of slavery, and contemporary art of the African diaspora. He enjoys visiting galleries, practicing Muay Thai, and clinging to the dream that Aston Villa will someday play again in Europe. 



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